How to add breadcrumbs to your search results?


Once my blog VVSTROCKS, showed breadcrumbs in Google Search, but now they are all gone. How to get them back and also how to enable them or integrate them in blogger. As I have previosly told you in How to include Schema/Rich Snippets in my blog? section that how I am unable to integrate Schemas in my blog, how to enable breadcrumbs now?


i am also looking for breadcrumbs for my blog and facing a same problem :confused:


I quote Mohammad about the topic of breadcrumbs (a few days ago)


I would really appreciate that you read the response I gave to @fadlybiluping and then rethink if you really need breadcrumbs in blogger because breadcrumbs makes sense for ecommerce sites and not for blogs where the hierarchy of post is limited to just 2-3 levels. It simply makes no sense adding it in blogger and ignoring the extra benefit of permalink display in Search which you can get if you avoid adding breadcrumbs in your post body

Installing Breadcrumbs in Blogger! [SOLVED]