How to add border below widget title?


Hello guyz, can any body help me here right now? I want to add border just after widget title with its size and color customizatons in my blog. Actually, I need it to be done automatically when I add a new widget in my sidebar or footer area.

I hope you are going to help me out. @syncboost, @nitishk



I will come to you within next one hour, Since i am giving final touch to my project. (Keep Resting till then)


Robin Singh



Here is the Code, Add this Code just above </head>

$(&quot;.widget h2&quot;).wrapInner(&quot;<span/>&quot;);

Now, Add this CSS in your Template.

#sidebar-bottom1 h2 span {position: relative;bottom: -2px;display: inline-block;padding-bottom: 5px;border-bottom: 2px solid #F86E7D;} 

Play with CSS for Customization.


Robin Singh


Thanks for the reply with such a code. I will try it later when I get at my home.

and one thing more, if you have time to take a look at my blog. I am launching a new blog as So it is under construction. Can you please look at it once to tell me your opinion?


Bro I have implemented that code in my source code but it is not working. Any other option?



Add javascript only and let me know. I will check it.


Robin Singh