How To Add Automatic Text for Every Post


Hello Everybody, I have started a blog for Android Apps, But i dont want to write the same details again and again in each post. I mean i want to set a definite pattern for whole blog, like wherein i can simply change the App name and descrption. and all should be same! My site is Please suggest me necessary details! Thank you!


Bro This Is Currently Not Possible In blogger but it is a good thought :thumbsup: So if you want to don’t write same details just copy the one post and edit it and save it as new :smile:

Tip: You Can Do This Thing In Php Or Asp As They are more powerful then html :smile:


Well, that can be done @somesh by using Shortcodes. But, it will take 1 week to create that numbers of shortcodes. You can request Mohammad to create them. :blush:



and it will change to text with proper formatting! :smile:


Well Said Bro I Just Forget The Idea Of Shortcodes! But It Will Take Much More Time Then Just Editing A Post :smile:


Shortcodes obviously make your work easy but still they are codes!

You can just make a text file and put content like this



App Details :



And just copy whenever you write a post and fill up the info :smiley:

That’s the simplest way to create a pre formatted post without getting into any codes or shortcodes :sweat_smile:


Thank You all Guys for your precious solutions!


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BTW Good Luck :thumbsup: :smile:


Hi @somesh - This is so Simple, with out any short codes

Go to > Blogger > Settings › Posts and comments > Post Template

Past HTML Code from Default Post

  • Post Template: Prepare a Post which you need to have in all posts
  • Click HTML
  • Copy Entire Code
  • Past it in above location

Don’t forget to save setting & Done.

Now Open a new post and Check


Thanks @Sandhya for telling this. I was not known with this feature of Blogger. :smile:


Grate, I’m using this feature in my Blog.

Thanks for Like @Shivansh


Thank You Very Much! @Sandhya This will surely help lots of bloggers sitting here!