How to Accept payment from clients without having Paypal Account


@Mohammad I would like to ask a query, that i am facing these days,

As we are creating blogger templates and selling worldwidly, but i often fail when clients asked for paypal account for transferring their money. So, ***how can i accept their payments ?***, Most of them having paypal, So what source is there except paypal, so that i can receive money from their paypal accounts. Thanks and hope to see your comments soon.


That is of course one of the problems many freelancers and talented publishers like yourself face. I too had similar problems during the starting period of my career but luckily my sister in USA did help me out by creating an account using here bank details for us. So now our payments go to PayPal and we receive it home through Western Union

Sponsors and clients today are more flexible with payment options and now they use multiple options like payza and moneybookers. Though most clients from Usa are too much in love with PayPal that they hardly believe on anything else but these are few options that can set you on course. Also open a foreign account at your bank so that you may be able to receive direct wire transfer.

People often share tips on how to get a verified PayPal account using different techniques but I have never tried them and never trust those methods too so the best I can say is that if you can convince a relative or close friend abroad to help you with a PayPal account then I am sure it will be the best solution for you. It takes just minutes to open it and just 3 to 4 days to get it activated. Plus your friend or relative won’t be charged a penny . Once your account balance reaches $1000 or even $500 then you can request them to sent it to you via Western Union . Just $10 will be subtracted from your account for the transfer. This world is full of good people so do try out your luck

Hope I shared my views honestly :slight_smile:


@Mohammad this is indeed a great way to receive my money through. I say bundles bundles thanks to your goodself.


You are always welcomed buddy Normally people often share long workarounds but I believe the best advice is one that you have already applied on yourself . I wish you great luck with your endeavours and pray that you may get a PayPal account the sooner possible . God bless you buddy