How this part of javascript is made and can it be reversed?


i find some developeres make their javascript code like the one in the following image. i think they do that to make it difficult to understand and not easily copied. how they do that, and can the process be reversed? enter link description here


You can use javascript obfuscate tol or html encripter tool.

Javascript obfuscate-

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That process is know as JavaScript Obfuscation as said by @ngtechzone. This process can be reversed which makes it not fully secured. This process replace the javascript with non-meaning words that make any javascript un-recognizable.

You can obfuscate a javascript here:

:link: JS Obfuscate

You can de-obfuscate a javascript here:

:link: JS Beautifier



Great tool shared by @ngtechzone. Thank you for sharing. Keep it up!


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you can use javascript compressor. and there’s also css compressor in that site. not sure if i helped lol.


You can use jscrambler if you really want good protection of your js. I’ve used it and it is much more resilient than other tools shared here. jsobfuscate can be easily reversed with tools find online.