How Page-speed of Website Influence SEO


Please anyone tell me …
How Page-Speed Influencing our website to rank more on SEO . Is there is any possibility of increasing Rank in Search Engine by speeding up my blog ?

My blog page speed is 50 out of 100

You can Check Out My Page-Speed Directly Here
Anyone tell me . How to fix this all ?


@MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC Page load time is an official ranking factor, and a slow loading blog will certainly have negative implication in search engine ranking. Don’t worry about score much, but focus on making your blog load within 3 seconds maximum.

You seems to be using too many scripts!/7hEkC/

I suggest you to get rid of extra unwanted scripts, start using Cloudlfare & that would take bring your load time below 3s. Right now it’s about 4.5 seconds.


@denharsh Tell me how i remove the unwanted CSS and Javascript from my Blog … How i Activate Cloud for my Blogger blog ?


@denharsh Tell me by viewing the Screen Shot … Does I am activated Cloud Fare or Not ?

After activating this … My load time reduced to 1.98 second