How Much Unique Traffic You Getting Per Day For Your Blog-spot Blog?


Hello my friends …
I started my first blog at 2012 and i posted about 350 Post’s on that blog but that all my 350 Post’s where given me just 90 Unique traffic . I hope it is because of my writing skill , When i started my first blog , I don’t know “How to write a blog and the importance of H1 , Alt Tag, Etc
I know every one get mistakes at first time .
After that i just started a new Blog at Blogger and i posted about 93 article’s on it . Now i am getting 156+ Unique Visitors and Almost 600+ All Round Visits .
I started my blog at 6/Jun/2014
Please any one tell me , How was my new start-up ? Or tell me your experience after creating your SECOND BLOG ?


i started my blog in 2013 after that 2013 i got only 200 or 300 visitors but in 2014 i start i follow some SEO Tips from wali bhai after that i got 800 only in 2015 daily 2500 visitors still i feel i am unable to write unique post because my writing style is not good now i read every post and try understand the presentation and how to write in 2015 i disappointed because i work hard but i did not get any result

but whenever i think i should leave blogging so i remember the story "try again and again one day you will get success" if we do anything with consistency so i believe we will get success

i read many article everyone said blogging is easy but it will take so much to get traffic we should be patience and keep working


Same like me , I tried to stop blogging but , The same thing forced me to do again

No one will success without taking risk’s

So , Now also am trying hard to get the best result … Anyway thanks for your Replay


i started blogging for earning money now i forget just focus on my content and blogging only now i enjoy blogging because i choose what i love most


That feeling of leaving blogging never came into me. May be because I never thought of getting more traffic and followers. I just wanted to help people on the net. I’m blogging since 2011, when I was in 8th standard. On my first blog I just got only 1400 views in 6 months. At that time I never heard of SEO or other such thing, may be because I was just a kid. Now also I’m just a beginner in blogger. I’m a blogger at Blogging Easier. There I get around 150 pageviews daily. And that too from the day when I started my Review Requester Service. But before that I was getting just 20 to 30 views per day. Okay yeah the blog is just at its initial phase, may be I’ll get more number of page views in future.


@NamanKumar , So in every once liife , There is a SECOND BLOG … Right ?


@MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC Same story :smile: Everyone do a lot of mistakes and we learn from them.

If we don’t do mistakes, we never try something new.

I dropped my first domain name in 2012 and started my new blog on 31st December 2013. I could not post much on my blog in 2014 and Google was not happy with my blog at all. I was receiving around 10 to 15 visits from Google in a week. I was totally disappointed and left blogging for almost 8 months.

Now again I started working on my blog in March 2015, wrote 8 articles in March.

I logged back to my Google analytics account and checked my stats. Then I took a major decision and Reverted all those posts back to Draft which were not receiving at least 5 hits from Google in one month. Those posts were of poor quality and Google was not happy with them :smile:

I made custom redirects from those older posts URLs to my new ones. I built some quality backlinks and now Google seems to be happy with my every new blog post. Even now some older posts are receiving hits from google, bing and yahoo.

Last week, my blog received 96 unique hits from Google alone. :smiley:


@TwistBlogger That was great my friend . I just inspired with your story .


Same story is with me. Two years ago, I was started blogging and on that time, I don’t know the b of blogging and S of SEO. I started writing. I write and write and write and then, 200 posts completed but on that situation , when I see the blogger overview, I got to know that I am recieving only 100 pageviews per day. So I was going to stop blogging chapter in my life. But on that time, this forum helped me so much. I asked for a review and then Mohammad suggested me some points about why my blog is still a new child and then I deleted my first blog ‘PFCI Tech!’. After few days, I started my new blog ‘Blogger Guiders’ and now, I am happy with it and Google is also happy with my new blog and I also got 600,000+ alexa rank. At starting of my new blog, the alexa rank was more that 4 million and only in 30 days, I decreased it to 600000.

So these words by TwistBlogger is right that

If we don’t do mistakes, we never try something new.


@Shivansh What about your Traffic States Now ?


Not many. Only 150-200 per day. But I know, it will increase soon. My blog is only 30 days old and I have posted only 21 posts because of my exams. but now exams are ended! I am daily posting here and in only 30 days, I got more that 10 best wishes from my loyal readers like @Tariq_aziz. :smile:


Ho that great … I hope it will take 1 or 2 Years to reach 400 or 600 Post and Traffic to 2000 Unique or 3000 Unique . Am i right ? … I just like you because you are too young than me . I never see a person like you before , Writing Blogpost’s . Almost every one where browsing Facebook and other Social Media without learning anything from internet . But you are too different and you have lot of time … Keep it up . You must came to success one day . I am sure about you


Thank You very much @MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC. I don’t like social sites like Facebook, Google+ and twitter because these sites totally waste our time and this time, I am a student so time wasting not suit to me. :wink:


@Shivansh I already said , That why i like you … :heart_eyes:


I also have faced the situation like all of you but in fact I’m still facing it. I started my first blog with .blogspot domain in the last days of 2013. I published only 5 or 6 posts of just 100 to 200 words without any concept of SEO and having total 200 or 300 pageviews and with a default Blogger template. Having these status of my blog, I sent request for adsense. Now, when I think about that foolishness, I laugh. Obviously they didn’t accept my request of blog approval.
I lost heart from the first blog and started a new one in July 2014 with .blogspot domain. I worked on that blog and succeeded in getting infolinks approval. After a few months, I got a domain name of .net for that blog but I did not satisfy with it. Therefore I started third one in January 2015, a few months ago and I hope to get some traffic on it. I’m working on it. Just a few hours ago I have received an email that your blog is approved in infolinks.


@saadwasil Can you tell me your blog address ?


Haha. Naman, Now, I am in 8th standard and got 2000+ pageviews in 1 month. I started blogging when I was just 10 years old.


@Shivansh Both of them are started their blogging career when studying at 8th slandered . Heheh


No. I started blogging when I was in 6th standard. And now, I am in 8th standard and this year, I am going to 9th standard. :wink:


@Shivansh:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I got mistaken …