How much Nofollow link help site to rank in google?


I want to make genune backlink for my site but with comment on some popular sites i get only nofollow link so please suggust me - Iss this good for site ranking or not.If yes then please tell me how much. Also if you can tell me where to find comment source for my niche site. Thanks in advance !!!


Well, Your question is straight forward.!!

So many so called, SEO experts says No Follow links doesn’t pass any link juice. They, actually correct for some extent but, not all the time. No follow links are also passes link juice. But, how they came is mattes most.

For Ex: No follow link that came from the Article with exact target keyword anchor text has higher authority when compare to No Follow link that came from the comment section.

Well, The another question you asked is about, how to find niche relevant backlink sources. For that I, suggest you to use DropmyLink. By using that tool you can find backlink resources.

AS a newbie, go with Dropmylink. Once you get an Idea about Backlinks I, suggest you to use Ahrefs tool . That is best ever tool for Linkbuliding.


No follow or Do follow it does help you to boost your rankings. DO follow links are great but they are not so easy to get so if you have no follow links from different sources for the same article then it will increase your SERP results easily.

Its also true that no follow links are not that great when compared with do follow links but they hold some value.

But blog commenting alone doesn’t help at all.

Your site article should be linked back from other sites then it will show you the results.


@amanyadav Nofollow & dofollow both links are helpful for a site. If you getting some nofollow links from good DA authority sites then it also works for you. Find the websites that relevant according to your website. You can find some relevant guest posting sites & try to publish your guest post. Backlinks help to rank on 1st page of Google but it’s necessary your backlinks are natural not getting from the spammy site. Google always prefer good quality content so don’t use copied content & low quality content.