How Much Can I Earn From 1000 Pageviews?


Good afternoon to all friends,

I have question and want answer of this.

I am getting 500 pageview and getting 7 to 12 clicks (0.20 cent each) and earning is around 2$ and page RPM is around 4$

if I cross 1000 pageview with 30 clicks (0.20 cent each) then my earning will be 6$ and page RPM earning is 4$

That’s means total earning 10$

I am right or worng


Good evening yunus! :innocent:

Depending on your niche topic, Ad locations and sizes and your user engagement. A traffic of 1000 unique visitors can easily help you make $10 with AdSense alone.

It also depends on how are you optimizing your ad slots. One of our blog was making just $0.27/day when we had not optimized our ad slots but the sooner we started using Ezoic tool to optimize our AdSense revenue, we started making up to $10/day. I have shared this detailed case study on my blog recently.

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