How Many of You Like to Write Blog Posts Only for Mobile?


Hello, Guys.
I am going to create a new CMS in PHP that will help users to create own Mobile Blogging. I already started the development, and I want all of your suggestions and feedback to improve the development. I already tried to add some functionality’s that in the Blogger Platform. I hope it was successful. Thanks
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Bro I Don’t Understand What Do You Mean With This Line ?? -

Please Explain And Also If Possible Give The Url So That We May Check It :wink:


@Nitishk The CMS that I am going to develop is for only Mobile Site Bloggers. Some category of people doesn’t like Web-View for their Blog, for them, I am developing this CMS. The CMS for only Mobile Blogging. Also, I can show you some Pics of my CMS. I can’t get you URL address because, it not hosted.

Administrator Area User Registration Area


But Bro Most Of Blog Traffic Is From Desktops And Laptops ! :smiley:

Then Will You Disable The CMS On non mobile devices ? If So then that makes no sense as professionals always choose desktops and laptops for blogging. :smiley:


@MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC, you are doing the right job. You will get a big hit for your CMS.

There are a lot of people who like to blog for mobile blogging. There is already a website(i.e. that has tons of users already.

If, your CMS can able to provide only a few more feature than Wapka. then I am sure that your CMS has a great success.


@VishalChopra Ya sure, I’ll add more extra features than Wapka and MyWapBlog.


@Nitishk I will not disable the site on Desktop sites. It will run on desktop like anyother blog do, but the only one difference here was, if users visit through Desktop then he will get only Mobile Theme instead of a Desktop View.


Then You Should Develop A Responisve Theme Which Works On Desktops And Mobiles As Well. :smile:


@Nitishk I want all of your help to publish the Opensource.


Yes I’ll Surely Help You :smiley: Contact Me Through P.M.

Note- I’m A Front End Developer And May Help You In Developing Front End For Your CMS :wink:


@Nitishk I know that, Because I just visited your Blog. That was incredible.


Thanks For Your Kind Words :wink: BTW I am just learning PHP , only 5-6 chapters left and then i’ll start working on back-end too ! :smiley:


@Nitishk You are always welcome. You can also do it.