How Many Google AdSense Ads are Allowed Per Page


According to so many articles on net, we can place only 3 ad sense adds, 3 ad sense link adds and 2 search ad sense adds only on a single webpage. If we place more than 3, three will appear other will not appear.My question is, is this statement true?

I am running an educational blog with ad sense adds since 2 years. Recently I add 2 more adds, now it has 5 and all are shown and revenue also increased. next question is, adding 5 adds Per Page is right or against the google policies.


Hi, You can place 3 display ads and I think 3 list unit ads are recommended by Google on a single page.


If one violates than what happens. I have seen lot of famous sites having 4 ad sense adds.


because many famous sites are allowed by Google due their awesome reputation. Ads are recommended(3-5) due to better user experience. Just think a lot of ads make anyone uncomfortable. So, its best to keep care of ads.


My blog is there since two years and visitors are increasingly day by day. is it now come in awesome reputation.?. As it is showing 5 adds with out problem.


Hi, Pdfbooksinfo

I would strongly recommended you to not show more than 3 ads per/page, Google will banned your account once they analyzed…it might be displayed but its against the adsense TOS.

So never display more than 3 ads per/page. Thats the best choice ever for you.


Dear Templatezy,

Thanks for your valuable suggestion. I changed the no. of adds, now they are 6, 3 image adds and 3 text link adds. But question comes in mind that how lot of famous sites are showing more than 3 adds per page.?



Most of them are Premium Adsense Publishers which are allowed to show more than 3 ads per/page. Only Premium Publishers show more ads on per/page.

but i would always recommended to show not more than 3 ads, even if you are a premium adsense publisher.



I have place more than 3 ads on my website and all the ads are working fine, Just want to know that will it be affect my adsense account


Google Adsense allowed maximum 3 ads per post or per page.