How infolinks calculates earnings?


Hey Guyx one of my friend #Arslan Khan had a website for about 10 months. He got google adsense account and he is getting reasonable earning from adsense. Recently i told him to get his infolinks account on his other website which is about 2 months old, he got his infolinks account approved easily in first turn but he is not getting much revenue on infolinks. Can you people tell me why is it so and also tell me how they have calculated ad eCPM in the pic attached to the respective topic. He had started working with infolinks just a week ago.

On infolinks they stated ad eCPM as “(Total Earnings / Ad Views) x 1000” . According to this formula the more ad views the lesser ad eCPM and low earnings … How it makes sense that number of ad Views increases and earnings decreases. Waiting for help @Mohammad @Rohan @ishwogiri


Hi @Anas_Mughal, I am so sorry but I cannot say anything about Infolinks as I’ve never ever used it. I hope somebody comes in to help you out. If I find someone using this service, I’ll definitely invite them to join this discussion/topic. :slight_smile:


Awwwww no need of sorry @Rohan :blush: any recommendation regarding cost per view or cost per clicks ad networks :blush:


Look @Anas_Mughal I Used Infolinks In The Past And quit it due to this thing.These companies say that they give 3$ for 1000 page views but that is fake! That’s Why Adsense is the king Of All networks As What they say is what they give! not like these companies! So I Recommend That NoOne Should Use It The First Reason is this and the second is that infolinks ads annoy’s your users very much by inertials,popups etc.

Hope You Understand Now :smile:


@ngtechzone, hehe I too get annoyed with those Ads popping up from everywhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are people who place AdSense as well as Infolinks. They use the text ads below the header or above the footer.


Hey @Rohan Now There is also another annoying thing that if you try to enable only text ads they will not let you monetize your content and they will automatically show pop-up ads!!! :smile:


BTW @Rohan, @Anas_Mughal Is Talking About His Friend Not Him :sunny:


@Rohan i was talking about my friend’s websites which is only 2 months old and not eligible for adsense. Although i along with him used clicksor but didn’t get good results however adsense is the better option to experience but have to wait 4 months more to be eligible for adsense sign up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: @ngtechzone its really difficult to select which ad network is good :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: some says adsense is bad infolinks is best some says infolinks is bad kontera and adsense are best. Internet world is quite puzzling, some people says one is best and some says other is best. I am too much puzzled however i have to test adsense which has a good quality fame. @Rohan i observed that as you have a good website i.e. why didn’t you publish even a single ad :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: i am surprised.


@Anas_Mughal, Glad you brought up this topic. I never thought of monetizing my blog because I’m happy the way I am helping people - one at a time.

I’m not more in to money making… But at the same time I ensure that I’m not wasting my time and not de-valuing my worth.

I’m currently writing an e-book, and I am planning to donate a large portion of the revenue which will be generated from the sales of the e-book to a charity organization (will reveal the name once things are finalized). :innocent:


Awww @Rohan that’s great.I wish you best of luck for that ebook. Where can i access your ebook?


I’ll probably put it up at Amazon. Once I finish writing I will let you know via PM. Thank you. :slight_smile:




Try also Chitika, this company also good