How I can add detail of author at the end of post


how I can add detail of author at the end of post, everytime different.


@PriRabi, if you are in need of ask this question, then I want to advise you that before doing that, you are needed to learn the basic structure of blogger-template-editor.

For Getting Post Author:


For Blog’s Title:


For Timing:


For Comments Count:


These are only few. You can use these to create that widget because here, no one will provide you that widget because that will be cloing/copying. :frowning:


yes I know about this. but what to do now? and where is your blog???


Just deleted because that blog was not growing. I don’t know why. Now, I am creating a new blog with a new personal template.


ooops ok actually now a days alot of people are blgging that’s why it’s getting difficult to grow it quickly


Good to know that you are creating a new blog.