How hide sidebar or widgets on my whole template?


I have template which is created with css and its doesn allow me to show widgets or sidebar.


@gianniszoom Please provide the url of your template and explain exactly what problem you are facing so we can sort out your problem.


this is the template i found

and it doesnt allow me to put widgets. The sidebar and footer are hidden.


@gianniszoom This template doesn’t support widgets and sidebar. You have to change your template .


what do you mean that it doesnt support?

we cant change this?

can we make one same with it that it will support sidebar and widgets?


@gianniszoom The template author clearly states that this template doesn’t support widgets.Click here to read

To make one same that support sidebar and widgets will have to done a lot of customizations.I suggest you to search for another template or contact a Template designer


i understand.thank you very much. you are vey helpful