How hard is to manage self hosted sites!


Hey there Guys!

Few Days Ago with the help of @Shivansh I Decided to go with blogger leaving wordpress behind and I have Finished Designing my new blogger blog!

But a another option Came in my mind that I shant go with blogger or wordpress I shall Create a Site Which is Totally Hosted by me.

SO guys can you tell me how to manage it and how hard it is (I know it is hard i but Still I want to know How much)




What Do You Mean By

Please Explain It To Me


For exampple

Now this website is not on wordpress neither on blogger or some other platform! Whole and sole posts(articles) are hosted by them

Hope you could understand what I mean!


Ok Now I Understand I recommend you to use Blogger Or Word press If You Want to create a site with much more articles because it would be easier for you to publish articles rather then coding the same page again and again but if you want to create other categories sites like web development, only one page site etc. you should use Self Hosted Site.


Thanx But I want create every thing by myself I want More Expert advice from @ngtechzone @GKVish @Mohammad @Shivansh


@Nafees, sorry for the late response. :stuck_out_tongue:

Firstly, tell me, you wanna make a website or blog?


A Blog cum Website


If your reply is ‘Blog’, then I again suggest you to use blogger. Do you know? Their is a quite big difference between a Blog and a Website. Blog is a way by which you can express words that you think but a website is not like that. For creating blog, blog publishing tools are used and Blogger & WordPress are called blog-publishing tools. In websites, you have to re-code every and each page.

If you want a place where you can just write an article and press the publish button, then blog is the best place to do this. And I really can’t figure out, why you want a self hosted blog/site. Google is providing it for free and we can’t ignore that Google is securest than any hosting.


As i Understand @Nafees Request, Here is my bit explanations

If self Hosted website,

Need the following

  1. A Dedicated Server (with minimum hardware configuration and Load balancing)
  2. Dedicated Internet Connection with a Public IP (must have backup line for 100% uptime)
  3. ISS server configured (windows) or apache (Linux)
  4. Domain Name Registered OR DNS configured
  5. Qualified Web Developer & 24x7 technical support

    the following requirements costs you more than a Web hosting Charges.


I agree with @Sandhya As in Self Hosted Website, you have to buy your own domain name and hosting service to run a self hosted blog, but by doing so, you get a lot more freedom over your website.

You can add whatever theme you want and customize your site to your own specification. This instantly makes your site look more professional, which will help you attract more visitors.

You aren’t hindered in anyway with your site SEO, so all the keywords, Alt tags, inbound links, etc. help your site to rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). This alone will help drive more traffic to your site.

You are free to place whatever adverts/banners that you want on your site. Some free blog hosting sites restrict your adverts, some even place ads for you which make money for them instead of you! You won’t face these restrictions when you self host.

If you want to make a Professional Website, Then I recommend you to go with the Self Hosted Website. :smile: