How does my blog design look? What I need to do more?


Hey @Mohammad, I have just changed my theme as you said. Can you please visit my blog and review my blog??? Will love to have your opinion about the design of my blog :smile:

I will also like to have your opinion about the my blog’s content and any else advice you will like to share


Hi Husnain,

I am moving this topic created by you under the ‘Reviews’ category.

To answer your questions - You already know what I feel about your content as I regularly comment at your blog.

Nice and strategic placement of Subscription box. Well done! :slight_smile:


Bro can You tell me that how much good my blog and post is related with my domain na and tell me that which step is good for my site increase traffic@Rohan


Hi! @HusnainMz Here is a complete review of your blog

Design: Your blog design was good overall. I will rate it 8/10. But please reduce the free area below the menu and the logo.

Logo Design: Your main logo was not too good because there was too much shadow spread around the image. But I like the logo at the copyright box.

Writing Skills: I will rate your writing skills 9.5/10 Really good.

That is the review from me. I will overall rate your blog 8/10.


@Gujjar772, Consider making a seprate topic under ‘Reviews’ category. I would love to help! ~ Rohan.


Hmm that’s what I suggested to him and I also gave picture that tell him how to create topic on this forum but he didn’t created @Rohan.


I guess he is a new member. It will take time for him to learn. Let him find his own way. :slight_smile:


Hello @HusnainMz I would like you to make the suggested navigation bar alters with CSS Like this :-

If you want to keep the footer logo in the header make the style something like this :-

or you want to keep the current logo you should style it with CSS something like this


Happy blogging! || Nafees Khan


Thanks for your precious advises everyone. Stay blessed, Thanks to @Mohammad for giving us such a useful platform where we can meet people like you guys… Thanks very much


You are more than welcomed and I must say I loved your interface. Well done boy! Removed the hellobar that simply irritates readers. :innocent:


Just cut down on the number of widgets you use. For instance , you’ve enabled multiple related widgets and social sharing buttons under the body of your post. Moreover, you’ve placed more than 3 ad unit in some pages which is against the Google Adsense Policies.

Loved the solid design :slight_smile: Good luck !


Thanks a lot @Mohammad, your words are very pleasing… :slight_smile: Best of luck for ur forum. :slight_smile: