How does Google iPhone decide to truncate Titles?


Using an iphone with google app, I look for site using keywords I know we have. The result is that my title is truncated (it’s 54 chars long) to part of the title and … at the end. Right below my result the next result has a 64 char long title, but it’s not truncated, instead it lists the entire title on 2 lines.

My title is 54 chars and the one below me is 64 chars, yet mine is truncated.

What’s happening here? What is the trick around this?

Thanks for your help,




Answer to your problem is just too easy - Google use Pixel length of characters used in title to truncate the Title of any post in SERP. This technique use different pixel length for different device and there are many other factors which are used by google to truncated the Title of Post in Search Engine Results Pages (It depends upon google).

You may find google engineer videos on this topic in internet. “Do google” to Know more.


Robin Singh