How does Google Adwords charge their customers?


Hey everyone! By reading my question most of you think that I don’t know anything about Google Adwords, but in reality I have read almost everything about it, but confused about a few things.Here they are:

  1. Let’s say I am an advertise and my ads are showing in Google search results only and when someone clicks on my ads, Google will deduct money from my account, but does Google share this money with anybody? I know Google won’t charge me above my max CPC, but can I find out how much money does Google deduct for that specific click.

  2. Suppose that my ads are showing in Google partner sites like blogger, if someone clicks on my ad Google will deduct money from my account and give the publisher 68% and keep 32% to itself. So, Google is actually sharing revenue from my deducted money. I want to know do I have to pay to Google apart from the deducted money?

  3. I have read that clicks from Asian countries don’t get good amount of money, whereas clicks from US,UK and Canada brings big amount of money. I tried to find why this happens but couldn’t find it on Google forums and blogspot. Any official statement from Google over this topic?

Waiting for your replies