How do you protect your blogs from content thieves?


Hallo fellow bloggers, Since migrating from Blogger to Wordpress i haven’t been active on the forum but i come in once in a while to read useful threads by other members.

Well i’m back today to ask something i hadn’t thought about too much before because it had never happened to me until now.

So how do you protect your blogs from content thieves?

I ask this because this morning i stumbled upon a few posts from my blog on @xwebyna blog.

Here’s just a few examples:

  1. My post: His post:
  2. My post: His post:
  3. My post: His post:

So how do you deal with such?


First send the admin notice through contact form and if does not reply then report to google and if does not work report to DMCA and get the content removed :slight_smile:


Sent him an email before i take action. (Character limit)


Yes You Got It ! First Send Him A Notice :smiley:


Well I always give them a detailed notice about copyright of my asset and what legal troubles they can get in with infringement.

Once I had a same problem but the blogger was a amateur one. So I made him scared :stuck_out_tongue: about DMCA and all and after that day he has been a ethical blogger :grin:


It’s been 30hrs and he still hasn’t responded. Some people tracked him down but i dont want them to destroy his blogging hobby or whatever he does it for.

I had asked him to pull those posts down


hmm! wait for more two days then report it to DMCA.


im also having this issue,if you have access to create htaccess,you can block or redirect to their own feed