How do you hide posts from homepage?


Hi everyone, I’m looking for a solution on how to automatically hide certain posts from homepage by giving them a particular label.

If anyone knows how, or if at all this is possible, kindly let me know.

hoping for a solution

Thank you all in advance

cc: @ngtechzone, @Nafees, @Shivansh


Hey Albert you can invite users through the invite option.

I think we can hide posts and also posts from a particular label.

You can refer this post


thanks for that hint. Let me have a look at your suggetion


hhhhmm, mine look completely different from the codes in that link. I tried switching with any one of those but things got a little f.ucked up so i reversed the change


OH! Will it be okay if I provide the code to hide a single post from homepage?


No that’s ok, i needed one that could hide a number of posts. But thanks for trying to help