How do you Find best keywords for your blog posts?


salam :stuck_out_tongue:

  • i Have one request to all experts kindly share your trick or experience how to find best keyword ? ? :stuck_out_tongue: we learned many ways how to find keywords but i want to know your experience too which may help us



It depends on the niche/category of site because each niche has different keywords, description and phrases. for example:

If you want information technology website than your keywords are:

Latest Technology News, Laptop & PC Reviews, Mobile Gadgets etc.

If you have software and game related website than your keywords would be:

PC Games, Software, Windows, Download, Shareware, Freeware, Action, Shooting etc…

so the result is that keywords will always depending on the target niche or category. If you want more than share your web than I’ll tell exactly keywords to you


@Mr_Raja .you knowledge is deep.can u tell me what keywords should someone use for a job portals niche .?


Have you already using Google Adword :question: or Google Trends :question: . Well i’m not using that service yet but, you can find most searched keywords there.


@Mad i use Google Adword and some time many other too


@jobstop11: brother you can set bundle of keywords to A job portal niche website. I think these keywords will help you to get better rankings in SERPs:

Jobs in Pakistan, Jobs Pakistan, Jobs, Careers, Recruitment, Employment, Hiring, Banking, CVs, Career, Marketing, Online Jobs, Opportunity, Resume, Work, Vacancies, Naukri etc.

However, If your web data targets a specific geographical location for example:

jobs in Lahore, jobs in Karachi, jobs in Islamabad, jobs in Dubai etc.

In my opinion, just use about 10 keywords inside meta keywords tags. If you use more than 10 keywords so your site may hurt in ratings. you can use some keywords in meta description tag with making a perfect sentence which sound all targeted keywords


what is the most important factor is in searching and selecting keyword ? @Mohammad @Templatezy


@Mr_Raja thanks so much for that .much appreciated .I saw something in Pakistani web search .people use short cut key words to search Google and other search engines .like for government they use govt jobs :blush:


I think Meta Keyword is no longer needed this time.


Okay thanks .I must read it.seo tools are so complexed .I can’t even understand them


Do you want to know the complete details how to perform advanced keyword research and Ranking then read my complete article on Advanced keyword research and Ranking


Okay thanks all .I have read the article and its helpful


Bro Its better to use Long Tail Keywords to improve the Search Engine Ranking of your Blog! If you want to do some keyword research and want to find for new keywords then Long Tail Pro is the best software I recommend to give it a try must


rajkumar it is not good to send any external link please take care of this and i hope you dont mind


Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner:


Use SEMRUSH. It’s a paid tool but let you find those keywords which are working for some other blog.



Agree with Harsh, SEMRUSH paid version is one of a splendid tools that would help you easily to find relevant keywords for your site.


WaalaikumasalaM Junaid,

Actually I am a fan of Google AdWords Keyword Planner, free and yet so powerful.

As @denharsh suggested SEMRush and Long Tail Pro are the best ones at their jobs but are paid tools.

And actually sometimes a common sense works to find the keywords. :slight_smile:


You can search about keyword of your niche or website by visiting this awesome free best keyword research tools for ranking well in google.


I do agree that keyword selection depends on your niche. For writing any blog, It is crucial to stuff your keywords properly so as to make it more SEO-friendly . Along with your unique content you need to identify which keyword phrases are likely to bring relevant traffic . You can go through some blogs like & other such blogs available online for reference .