How do you design your templates?


Hey Mustafa, I was reading your reply to templatezy’s question. It was a worth reading one but you said in the very end of your reply that you will love to share more. Can you please share the process of making a theme or template step by step with pictures. Thanks in advance


Sharing every detail from A-Z would surely become more like a boredom if I type that 2000-3000 words of tutorial on this forum :smile: but it would be more interesting and helpful if you ask me in bits and pieces like @Templatezy so that I may be better help to asnwer.

Kindly ask whatever you would like to know related to developing templates and widgets as separate topics so to keep interest level high and also the engagement in the discussion dear husnain


2 years ago, my thought was like this. Nowadays, I’m towards tweaking other designer templates. It’s more helpful if I know each of the codes so that I can tweak the template the way I want.

But oh well, I’m not born as a designer. I’m more towards marketing.

I agree with @Mohammad. Learning pieces by pieces is more better than learn as a whole.

Nowadays learning to create a template from already created template is way more easier from creating it from scratch. The learning curve is different.

In conclusion, tweaking other people template is the best choice for non-technical programmer.


Hey Mustafa, Thank you so much brother for replying me on the forum and on my facebook account too. Actually, You are right. I can’t learn everything at a single time. I need to learn everything step by step.

That is why I am focusing on widgets first. I have tried to make a social share bar for blogger and fortunately I was able to do that. :P… And the best thing about it is that I have also added a subscribe us pop up form into it :P. Hope you will love to see.


Hello Husnain. I think, your facebook pop-up is installed from a blog that shared that code and the subscribe box you installed in sharing option is also shared by


i am not talking about facebook pop up. i am talking about the social bar which i have designed. Despite the fact i have used blogstipsntricks subscribe us pop up form