How do i get 1000 page views daily?


Please suggest me to increase blog traffic. How can i get 1000 page views every day. I have submited my blog in web directories. I am also optimizing blog post for SEO & sharing post on all social media.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------


@abidgori There are many off page activities that helpful to improve the visitor graph on your blog.

  • Guest blogging is the best way to increase the traffic & branding of your blog. Find some good guest post sites that are relevant according to your blog/websites and contact him for the guest post.

  • Do blog commenting on others blog posts. Added a general comment rather than Nice, Thanks etc. Work on forum & discussion sites. Participate on threads discussion.

  • Quora is the best sites for answering. It also drives high traffic so start work on it.

  • Social channel is one of the best channels to drive huge traffic to your sites. Just shared your link on the social channel is not a right way. Joined groups & communities, like other users posts and share your view.


My one friend is struggling much to get visitor on his blog and he is doing same work like you. But he is doing wrong which I got from saurabhthakur answer. Thanks saurabhthakur for his valuable answer.


If you want 1000 page views daily then your blog must have a lot of content.

Try guest posting on popular blogs which are above 40 and that will help you to boost your traffic as well as page views.