How do I edit my profile info in the sidebar


I wrote a google+ profile which appeared in the sidebar of my blog. I edited the profile in google+ but it hasn’t changed in my blog. I can’t find anywhere on my blog dashboard that shows me where to edit the info on the sidebar. What do I do to fix this? Why does this need to be 280 characters?


can you please give me a screenshot of your problem? :slight_smile:


I took a screenshot and tried to drag and drop but was told that new users can’t upload images. How can I attach the screenshot?


Save Your Image As jpg, jpeg, png, gif… then try again…


It is saved as a png I am wondering why I was told that new users can’t upload images. Would it make a difference if I attach the screenshot rather than drag and drop? If so, how do I attach it?


1st Upload you photo Here

> Lightshot

Then Give Me the link… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: