How do I crop thumbnails of posts on homepage in blogger?


Can anyone tell me how can I auto CROP (not resize) image Thumbnails of posts (in auto readmore) on homepage. In blogger the thumbnail gets resize and gives a fatty look, so how can Crop it similarly like that in wordpress blogs. Mention the code i have to insert to get this done. @MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC @Shivansh @Mohammad @mybloggertricks


Hello @Susheel_karam For This You Have To Use Image Editing Tools Like Paint ,Photoshop etc. Also There are many online cropping tools available search then now!!


hey @ngtechzone Iam not asking “how to crop images” but "how to auto crop thumbnail images in blogspot" Anyway thanks for reply.


By Default Blogger Auto Re sizes Post Images So You Don’t Need To Do It Manually :smile:


Iam asking how Crop thumbnails not to resize. as you see in wordpress blogs and also on


You Can Use Themes Designed By Arlina Design… i also Use that On My Blog Below… You can See Cropped Thumbnail Images @Susheel_karam


hi @ishworgiri0 thanks for suggestion. But I dont want to change the template. so can you provide the code for cropping. Thankyou


There is no way to auto crop images in blogger because you can not access the Blogger root directory as no access is given. In wordpress it is possible because WP creates separate folders for small, medium and large images, which gives clear resolution HD pics.

You can surely show Thumbnail images on homepage using the auto read more script. For clear and clean rendered images always try to set height of image to auto and fix its width. Images loose its pixel ratio when they are not resized based on its aspect ration.

Or you can set width to auto and fix the height. This is the only method developers apply on blogger templates. :innocent:


Hi @Mohammad @Rohan But the thumbnails are cropped in, which is hosted on Blogspot.


Hey @mohammed @ngtechzone and everyone thanks for replying, I managed to find the solution, by this blogpost Thanks for your support


Glad! That You Found Answer For Yourself :smile:

Good Luck :thumbsup:


That is not cropping. The author is using a wrong title, he is simply sharing auto read more script that resizes images. I guess you are confused with the word crop which has different meaning in image editing but anyways I am glad you found what you needed and feel free to ask such more questions :smiley:

Rohan is also using auto read more script and his images are auto resized


No @Mohammad Its not simply RESIZING With a normal auto readmore script, the thumbnails are resized to specified width and height, this will give stoutly look, if the image’s dimensions doesn’t suit these values.

But with this code,only width will be specified and the height is automatically generated. It is true that the code doesn’t actually crop the image but the extra part is hidden, it gives a similar effect as CROPPING. And the same used in Rohan theme.

Thank you


You are answering everything and yet you are confused with terminologies :slight_smile: I am glad you accepted that it is not cropping. The method used on his script is the one I mentioned above. It is an auto read more script you may install it on your blog