How do I create a website selling different types of products?


I want to create a website using Blogger. When someone visits my website I would like for the home/landing page to show about 15 photos of products that a customer could click on and this would then take them to a page with ordering information where they could order the product. I have tried setting this up in post and page views but “drag and drop” does not seem to work very well. What is the best way to accomplish this. Will I have to use a HTML editor (maybe some type of table)? The photos will also need some type of caption like Blue Widget 9.99.

Thanks in advance for any help, yeto


are you talking about Ecommerce website or sorry I didn’t understand!


Yes. I want to sell approx. 15 different products. Is the best way just to have a single post as my landing page and list my 15 products there?


yes it can be possible when you upload ecommerce xml file into your blog