How did you remove date and insert some alphabets like t and c after blog url


Hello If this is an blogger powered How did you manage to create these type of URL’s

For an Example this category http:/ /ask(dot)mybloggertricks(dot)com/ c/community/announcements here c,community and announcements are there after a url how did u make it possible on a blogger powered forum.

Eg.2 For an instance this post http:/ / here there is t on the place of date and then some keywords and topic no.

And Also there is no .html after posts I am Sure that we cant load htaccess in blogger

This is just ruining my Mind, its great that u r possible to create a blogger powered blog/forum something like this!

I would also like to remove Dates and Change name from labels to Categories or something like


This is Not an Blogger Powered Forum Friends. Its Powered By Discourse.


Thnks Brother For Correcting my misunderstandings :smile:


Welcome @Hussain_Kesury_Hk_Te. If you have any problem, just post in forum and we all will help you. :blush: