How could I add hreflang tag inside html of my Blogger Blog?


This is my second question for today and I hope I will solve all my queries here, Kindly give me HTML code of hreflang code and where should I add in my blogger. My site in English kindly give me update html code.

Is this help to increase traffic or SEO ranking?

Thanks in advance


Firstly Welcome To This Help Forum @Yunus_Khan Glad That You Are Here :smile: And Now For Your Question You Can Add Hreflang tags easily Like This-

<link rel="alternate" hreflang="en" href="" />  

Here en Stands For English And replace with your blog url. Now Paste The Code In <head> section in blog’s template.

BTW This Helps a little bit to search engines as when search engines find this code they will remember that your site is in a certain language and will not show the results to the visitors how doen’st know that language. For ex- An es language site will be given more priority in search for es people.

Hope You Understand Now :smile:

Happy Blogging :smile:


As you mentioned that your site or say blog is in english, then I recommend you to don’t use hreflang tag on your blog because in one place, @Mohammad already said that the default hreflang is en(english). So if you don’t add hreflang tag, it will english as its default. :smile:


yes you are right, it will only limit the number of views nothing else…


@Yunus_Khan paste this <link expr:href='data:blog.url' hreflang='x-default' rel='alternate'/> code under <head>


@Yunus_Khan The complete tutorial is here. I hope you will love this tutorial that you are asked for.

How To Add hreflang Language Tag In Blogger?

Stay well pal…