How can we fetch JSON data of a single post?


We can easily pull the JSON data of any blog. Like we can pull 5 latest posts from blog, N latest posts from labels and so on by But I want to pull the data of X the post only not any other. also what to do if i want to pull N latest posts by author XYZ. Please Help.


I am writing around 15 tutorials on blogger JSON feeds from this week onwards. Kindly stay tuned for all these updates. I will explain how to extract important data from JSON file and print it on screen and how to create useful widgets like displaying information about a blog, showing posts by label/author, displaying recent comments, showing total posts/comments posted and so on. The coming series are first time shared online and we will start publishing all these interesting tutorials this week which includes the answer to your question :innocent:


Well! Its a good news. I am hoping you will write how to get JSON content of only one post. Xth post


How to sort posts by author? as you said, I’m developer and I really need to know this please!


Update: the link to tutorial series is here:

Introduction To Blogger JSON Feeds and Blogger API