How can i use onesignal in blogger?


i was looking for service for push notifiaction then i found service.

i want onesignal for notifications in blogger? the problem facing me that i can’t see the notification button in my blog. Post must be at least 280 characters Have you tried the button?


They must have given you some code to implement which you need to add in your blog template. You need to paste that code above </head> section of your template using template editor. :smile:


You need to add the below JavaScript SDK into your blogger template,

<script src="" async='async'></script>
    var OneSignal = window.OneSignal || [];
    OneSignal.push(["init", {
      appId: "YOUR_APP_ID",
      autoRegister: false, /* Set to true to automatically prompt visitors */
      subdomainName: 'SUBDOMAIN_NAME',   
      httpPermissionRequest: {
        enable: true
      notifyButton: {
          enable: true /* Set to false to hide */


  1. Replace YOUR_APP_ID with your app id.
  2. Replace SUBDOMAIN_NAME with your subdomain name.

Reference onesignal documentation (official) tutorial is here, click here