How can I redirect blog domain to non-www version or a naked domain?


How can I use a naked domain without the www added to it

For example

instead of

in Blogger? Is it possible to achieve this


Its so easy and simple: Sign in to blogger dashboard

Open Settings > Basic > under Publishing:

Check Redirect to


that’s not what i am asking m not asking for redirect, it should only show instead of


In Blogger Dashboards Go to > Settings › Basic

Under Publishing > Blog Address > Third party domain settings

If you already using Custom Domain
then Click on EDIT Third party domain settings
Here If you don’t want www. then remove check mark and Save

Redirect to**


@chinnilax If i uncheck it it will show 404 error…

@Mohammad now u can only help…


i think using domain forwarding waiting for mohammad answer


If you try to use naked domain blogger will return an error.

Put a blank space before the naked domain, you’ll be done. I don’t use it on my blog but i had used it once and this method is 100% working.


What @Devang is asking for is a simple 301 permanent redirect to force redirect all www version of his domain to non-www version which is called the naked domain

The best way doing this is to add the following script inside your .htaccess file which is a standard SEO practice for redirecting the http headers

RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} >^ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301,NC]

Replace with your domain name.

If you are not quite habitual to editing Apache server or editing the .htaccess file then you can surely contact your web host to do that for you or tell us your web host so that I could be more specific

Hope this is what you were looking for :slight_smile:


@Mohammad Thanks for the reply,

But I was asking for Blogger!


That method is independent of platform. You can do it on both blogger or WP. You just need to log into your cPanel and then locate the .htaccess file. If for some reasons you dont have that privileges than you can contact your webhost and give them the code i shared with you.


If you are using Godaddy domain then you can forward this to www by going in manage domain and add there full domain with www. As this site on blogger and domain by godaddy (


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