How can I move the Widget below menu bar?


please help me that how can i move the widgets above they are show at the bottom of the blog. you can visit my blog and tell me i have tried from layout but it is not going upwards.

please help me @Mohammad how can i move it upwards it is not going from layout.


show your layout screen shot wait for rohan or other they will tell you how can you do it and why dont you double click on layout and just keep pressing the button of widget and use your mouse on uper side it will come try it and it just like copy past


@Rohan @Mohammad please help me i am in trouble!!!


Hi @jawad_ali, Please be more descriptive. Can you provide me your blog link again. The one which you typed here is not working at my end. Visiting the blog might help us understand the problem better as I am not able to understand the issue reading what you posted here.

Rohan Chaubey.


Rohan, kindly visit - This link is working fine and I understand what he is asking but I am not able to fix his issue. I tried to solve his issue by playing with css but the result was nothing.


Please help me bro


I have tried to move it by layout but it is not working


i have an other idea if it does solve so kindly change your template but dont follow me because i dont know ABC of Blogging just wait for muhammad or rohan they will help you be patience


Your Blog have Hard Codes to Understand .So Wait for muhumad


Okay so what did you exactly do? Did you altered the template codes or you moved the widgets from Layout?

The sidebar appears to be perfect when a post is opened but on the Home page the problem persists, Am I right?


@jawad_ali Main problem is with your template layout. You messed up everything. Please try to use another template or you have to work hard to get the same template code working fine for you.