How can i monetize my video blog?


I have a blog which contains lots of embeded videos from youtube. this blog getting more than 300+ pageviews/day (increasing regularly). please suggest me some best ad networks that pays with high cpm rates with no traffic requirement.


It is great that you are able to get an increasing traffic but work harder on it until you get at least 1000 page views in order to get approval of buysellads and Adsense

I rarely trust info links but you can try ads by yahoo which is also well managed

video sites can only get good sponsors if the video content is created and hosted by you instead of embedding stuff from YouTube or daily motion or some other third party source


You can monetize it with YouTube Adsense, if you upload you own video to YouTube :blush: instead embedding it on your blog, it’s just the same thing you know :blush:


I am using Streaming Video Provider for monetizing my videos. Their monthly rates are not high and they do not take any percentage on my viewers’ purchases. I can say I sell many videos daily and all is working perfectly fine with their platform. I was surprised to find how many different features they offer for monetizing videos, check their website:


Yes, Streaming Video Provider has their splendid platform - you set your own payment gateway and everything goes directly to you. I have been using them for quite a while - awesome service.