How can I make my blog https://


Hi. I can I make my blog https://. I want It secured for my viewers. There is no sign on system but I still want it secure just to be safe. The blogger dashboard is https:// but not the blogs. The blogs are http://. I am using the hosting that’s free from blogger.



No this is not possible with blogger’s blogspot domains.Blogger is Secured also the blogspot pages are secured.but the point is even if you buy a SSL You cannot upload it on blogger because your host files aren’t under your control. So in short NO! This are some drawbacks of blogger :confused:


for top level domain we can do that

can’t done with sub domains like etc…,


Infact this cannot be done on blogger,whether it be a TLD or Some other


I have not tried yet it but you read this blog to know more about adding https:// in blogger


I still do not believe this,where will we upload out SSL certificate? I would like to see the views of @Mohammad on this :blush:


if your domain is top level domain, cloudflare provides ssl certificate to your domain for free…

but it has to be top level domain not domain


Ok,but where will we upload the SSL certificate??


cloudlare customization is fully optimized for all users. you just need to create a rule for your domain to always use https


Yes you also could add subdomain like @Mohammad has done using cloudflare


No as I remember,he has used his domain service provider to make a subdomain. Anyways thnx for the https info can you show me a blogger blog where https is used?


This time I have no blogger blog which use https but for sure I will find it and post it here


well, here it is…

which is both http and https version of site

just add https:// before www to check out


Well done @SamaraSsr i didn’t thought i would get in this forum