How can I make my blog appear on SERPs?


Hi everyone! I am a student and spent working as an affiliate. I choose Blogger as a channel to write my product reviews, but I dont know why my blog does not appear on SERPs. I applied SEO techniques recommended on Google. However, I just dont know what went wrong with it. It still gets indexed by Google. Anyone can help me to bring it on SERPs?


Add your site in Google Webmaster tool and use “Fetch as Google” option in Dashboard. Your site will immediately get indexed in Google.


Thank you bro, I’ve tried it but my problem is that when I type my key word on Google, I didn’t find any result related to it. In other words, It just doesn’t appear on Search Engine Result Pages :frowning: . I have dug from the 1st page to the 120 page


Do the same things for your post too and if you want to check your post is indexed in search result or not then type of post title with blog url name. eg. How can i make my blog appear on SERPs mybloggertricks. If your post was indexed in Google then your post will be display.