How can i make internal links open in the same tab and not in a new tab? (Resolved)


Hello, I have a problem on my blog, I want internal links open in the same page (tab) not in a new one, so please how can I do that ? I just have found a related post on MBT named "Stop all Internal Links From Opening In New Window " , check it out :

I tried the code given in the above post but it doesn’t work, internal links still open in new tab, so please can you check my blog and help me to fix this problem ?

PS: The problem is resolved now, thank you :slight_smile:


The links at the bottom of my blog

Still do not open in a new tab.

I have tried it with and without this text

I am jsut starting to use blogger seriously and already have some wordpress sites up. Sorry if I have done something wrong - a bit of a newbie.


@uwlideas Glad you solve the problem yourselves :slight_smile:


My issue is still there and not resolved. The links at the bottom of the blog do not open a new tab. Links inside pages do.


@sloanish edit your template and find the link list widget you added or find this <a expr:href=''> code. After finding it replace the above code with this one <a expr:href='' target='_blank'> and save template. Now check your all link open new window.