How can i make images, videos, youtube embeds on my blog post full-width?


i have a blog about science and i was wondering if there is any way i can make the images on my blog full width? i am pretty good at HTML & CSS but can’t figure out any way to do so. here is a link to one of the posts on my blog :

All i want is to make the images full-width fitting the screen end to end!

Thank you!!


Hello, Ankit. This is actually a very simple fix. You have 2 options when you are adding the image via Blogger’s post you set the width of the image to width=“100%” or you can add the following to your CSS.

.item .post-body img{width: 100%;}


Tried it but its not working :frowning: the width is already set to 100% by the way.


Try setting the width with an !important sign so

.item .post-body img{width: 100% !important;}


tried that aswell but no luck :frowning:


Something isn’t right then because I know that’s the correct rule, but I am not seeing it on the site’s CSS either. So maybe it’s not saving.