How can I integrate Blogger Popular Posts widget and other blogger widgets in MBT Tabs Shortcode plugin?


Guys I have installed MBT Tabs shortcode plugin in my blog. Now I want to add the popular posts blogger widget in one of the tabs. But how can i integrate popular posts or other blogger widgets in multi tab plugin as blogger doesn’t provides the html code for the popular posts or any other of it’s widgets i.e about me , google+badge etc?


Anyone here to Help???


i also want to know! i have only youtube videos added (using shortcode) in some posts, But on homepage no youtube video is displayed. just the heading and summary?


Please help !!!


@usamafayyaz, instead of showing popular post widget given by blogger, why not you can just show popular posts of your blog? Just create a list, represent it using HTML and stylize it using CSS.

P.S. You can add Recent Posts widget instead of Popular Post widget :slight_smile: because recent post widget’s html is on internet that can be used to show inside a tab and you can find one at my blog.


@Shivansh But it is added in the sidebar of too. So how have they added it?


Its not automatic. My mean is- when any other post get more pageviews, it will not get changed automatically. That widget is created with pure HTML & CSS. You can create that with the help of `

    ` tag and with CSS.