How can I improve my blogger's navigation?



I am desperate for help. And I really do hope that someone will finally come forward to help me. My blogger is- www. dotgifcomix. com and it is in the making. I have a custom domain and I even purchased SEO. But I have absolutely no knowledge at all that how do I get more traffic to my website. I am for now just making changes suggested in my SEO checklist. But I’m stuck on how to make my website easy to navigate. There’s no option provided in blogger for better navigation.

My blog has lots of categories like GIF Jokes, Cute GIFs, Trolls, Love Is, etc. And because I didn’t know any better and I saw no harm in using Blogger Pages to post the content of other categories in them, therefore I use Blogger Pages but I use Blogger Posts to post GIF Jokes. Now the problem that I face is that the pager below the Blogger Page doesn’t show Next and Previous options. Maybe if it did, my SEO would have marked my website as easy to navigate, right?

Though, I I use arrow images and I link them to their respective next and previous posts but SEO doesn’t count it as a clear navigation. And therefore, I desperately need someone’s help. Please, help me.

Waiting for your reply. Thank you.