How Can I Get My Google AdSense Account Application Approved?


how can i make my blogger SEO friendly. , increase my traffic and need some basic steps to approve Google adsence acoount . I hope you will show me the right way to solve that problem.

Thats my blogger link check it and show me the right path friendz and let me know how what are the requirements to be accepted by AdSense?

  • Improve your writing - Use Grammarly if needed , Use Custom domain name
    Improve the layout & use a professionally looking design Add important pages like About, Contact Create domain specific email address. Use Zohomail to create that. Apply for AdSense If got disapproved, reapply.


Hi @Tony_bravo, We have more than 4 topics created on this forum which will guide you to increase your blog traffic. You can explore and find them easily.

Follow @denharsh’s tips to get decent/constant traffic to your blog. BTW, you tried including a link to your blog but with no success. You can also include your site/blog address in your profile page. :disappointed:

Talking about SEO for your blogger blog:

  1. Get a custom permalink for your posts.
  2. Insert relevant Keywords.
  3. Put up alt tags and titles for your images.

We have already discussed many more tips on SEO check them in the ‘SEO Settings’ category.

P.S. I have changed the title and category of this Topic.


I guess @denharsh and @Rohan already guided you with some excellent tips and these are the only requirements needed to get approved.

I would suggest you read the following thread

and also read this thread where you can ask @The_Next_Rex what qualified him for AdSense approval