How Can I Get Adsense Approval?



I’ve registered my account for adsense. But it seems there is no response even when I put the code on my blog (the code is beside the Facebook page widget at footer bar).

The adsense won’t show at all. Is there something wrong with the code?

The blog has been running for more than a year. The contents are all about urban gardening in my language.

Can somebody help me in this, please?


You should check the forum for your problem first before posting it.


Thanks for the post. I’ve read it and all of the conditions I’ve follow.

But then, the last email I get from adsense was:

It’s time to implement your ad code

We’ve noticed that you’ve successfully created your first ad unit, but you haven’t placed your ad code on This step is necessary for the full activation of your account. Please sign in to AdSense to get the ad code for the ad unit that you’ve created, and then place the code on your site.

If you believe that you’ve implemented your ad code correctly, but our servers are still not seeing it, make sure that your code is on a page that’s receiving traffic from visitors to your site.

For more help, please see our Code Implementation Guide.

The date was on June 3rd 2015. It’s more than a month but I don’t receive any email from Adsense.

I just wonder if any of you guys have similar problem like me?