How Can I Edit The Vertical White Space Apearing on Home Page of my Blog?


Hi Guys Today i have a small question on how will i be able to make an empty space full in my homepage and look the text aligned just like MBT has does anyone know how will i be able to do that is there any script? or CSS i just want that space of area covered so my little title and that place which i want to cover

I will be really grateful and would appreciate if someone can help me with this confusion :smile: This is my url if you need it:


Try edit your CSS, I’ve been edit it, and this is the result:

Before doing it, backup your template first :blush:

.main-wrapper {
  width: 74%;
  float: left;

#content {
  position: relative;
  padding: 30px 5px 20px 0;
} {
  float: right;
  max-width: 420px;

Replace your existing CSS with above… :innocent:

Just press ctrl+F and find the CSS, then replace it:

  • .main-wrapper
  • #content


Thank you very much bro for your help :slight_smile: