How can approve adsense account?


Hi guys,

I have one account in google adsense. but i dont remember that account that i have added my website in new account. google disapporved account because of old account is same as new account. then i have been using login truobleshooter after that got mail from google.

We understand that you’re experiencing difficulty with logging in to your AdSense account.

To access your account, reply to this email with your new desired AdSense login email address. In your reply, please attach a digital image of a legal document that clearly shows your payee name and postal address as they appear in your account.

Examples of acceptable documents include:

government-issued ID document

bank statement

telephone bill

If your information matches our records, we’ll update your account with your new login.

We take these precautions to protect publisher account security and you can be sure that your personal data will not be disclosed to any third party.

In that situation, shall i use old account for my website?? is it possible? it is possible means how to do? please suggest me. otherwise how can approve this new account?