How add "alt Tag" to images automtically in blogger?


hi , I use this script from this blog but it can’t see titles in Greek .It shows all titles in English .Can somebody tell me what to do ? Is there other option?I have at least 500 photos in my blog and is very difficult to change them one by one!


It is never wise to adopt an automatic approach for optimizing media on your site. Most often image file names are not descriptive and often represented by number pattern or simple numbers. What sense would this script make if your images have files names as 123.jpg or 1128282wyg.gif ?

If you are really serious about SEO then take some time and do it manually. Do tag 200 images each week and just within three weeks you will be done with it and this approach will bring much better results and would make sense to search robots too.


yes image names has value in the eye of google.,