Hide a div Tag/line using CSS ~ Urgent


Guys I want to hide a whole div line with the help of CSS

For ex <div> I want to hide it </div>

I don’t want to apply some classes to this line i just want to hide it totally from the template it should be some thing like this

.Class here {

<div> I want to hide it </div> (hide)


Please Try to understand me !

~Thanx,Nafees Khan


Yeah! You can easily do it without adding any class but by just adding css directly to div. To do this, just see here:

Use style='display:none; instead of adding any class. It will look like:

<div style='display:none;'> Words or something you wanna hide </div>

Hope this help!


NO not like this :pensive: I want to hide the whole div code by not placing style

I cannot find that Code in Template HTML but I can find it in Inspect Element So what i want to do is directly hide the code using CSS

For eg:-

.HideClass {

Visibility: Hidden (<div> Words or something you wanna hide </div>) }

Something Like this.


This is because the template you are using have zipped javascript.


Hmm. Now, there one other way but I don’t know if it will work for you or not. You can hide the <div> container using CSS if the div container is under any div class. Like:

If it is:

<div class='BLOGGER'>
Blogger is a blog-publishing plateform.

Then, you can use below CSS to hide the second div container as follows:


But if your div container is not under any class, then I don’t think its possible and one more thing- if you do this, all div containers under .Blogger class will stop displaying.


The Point is that I cannot find the div code in my template so I cannot add any class upon them So what i want Basically is Directly Apply that hex using CSS.

Note I can Find that in Inspect Element but not in Template :frowning:


Because the actual code is hidden in javascript by to the owner of that template. Can you give your template to me through PM? So that, I will find a solution.


No,That Template is Created by me but still I cannot Find it :pensive:


Can you give me the template through PM?


I am Trying to Find an Solution by myself actually I am looking to the Javascripts but if I cannot find it then I will Do some HOAX :smiling_imp:


Can you provide the demo blog’s URL? :confused:


bro I literally Solved it using this simple Function of Javascript document.getElementById(“div”).style.display = ‘none’;


Good! Best of luck for your new template Mr. Designer. :smile:


Thanx Bro I will PM you the blog’s URL in some time as it gets over