Help Needed in selecting the right domain!


Hello guys today I got a advance amount from my client of 80$ :blush: I am really happy and now i want to buy a domain name for my blog. Right now my title is nfs tech tricks so I want to change it as Nfs Blog tricks!

So Suggest me some good domains

I like this one’s

some more suggestions would be most welcome :relieved:


nfstechtricks or nfsblogtricks are too long domain names instead of it use a domain which contains keywords like have Blogger Tricks a keyword.


but my choice has blogtricks (it relates with blogger ) right? @hassan


but the nfs before it didn’t relates to any keyword.


Its my pet name actually :grin: Can you suggest me some available domains I cannot choose the right one :pensive:


Well when i was choosing a domain my friend suggested 4 domains






@Nafees, after a research, I got result, which is, Google treat .CO and .COM domains same. So, you can go with this available domain names (.co)


Note:- The domains I listed above are available now.

I advise you to remove ‘nfs’ from the domain. Instead, you can add author box, about author at sidebar, footer, at header to promote yourself. But, adding your name or pet name looks odd and its not meaningful also. Its just an advise.

Thank You.


Thanx Shivansh! Guys How would be ??


@Nafees That’s sounds good too. You should choose it if you like it.


If we see for Example That in anysense doesn’t relate to blogging :neutral_face:


But ShoutMeLoud it makes some sense brother but nfs doesn’t makes sense in any way.


Hmm! thats right :wink: it makes sense but doesn’t relate to blogger right? When google started they had name backrub . You only think how can a search engine have a name like backrub :sweat:


That’s Right @Nafees It doesn’t relates to blogger but driving traffic to such a blog is difficult that a blog containing some keywords in its domain name.


Create any name, what you want but you have the ability to make it as a brand. As like, it doesn’t make any sense but it is a brand.

Before apple or blackberry company, both were known as two fruits. Now people know them as brands.


@whattechsays said very well.

Use any blog name that you like. Your hardwork will take your blog to the next level. Not a keyword.

We never know about Labnol. What is mean of labnol, but it is no.1 tech blog in India.

keywords in domain does not help so much that all of seo experts ever think.

Read out first question/answer.