Help Needed - Disavowing a bad link from 2 months but still not gone


Hi Guys hope you all are fine,

I have a blog based on software and games but a site is linking to my site from nearly 2 months now and is effecting my serps because it is copying and pasting my stuff onto its wall and is filled with malware as well i contacted the developer for link removal got no reply back, Also i added to disavow but it is still there. :frowning:

Please guys help me remove this bad link from my site. Any suggestions or tips will be appreciated

Thank You


File a DMCA complaint against him. If that blog is on blogger then it will be deleted and it on other CMS then it will be removed from Index. also try once again the Google Webmaster’s link Disavow tool. You will have to make a text file of the link and upload it.