HELP, my drop down menu is still hiding behind, I adjusted z-index, not working


Help, I added my code in widget, but I am wondering if it should be added in the HTML instead of a widget, I love the look of the drop down menu, but the subtitles are still hiding and I have tried everything, I changed the z-index and searched for other z-index in the HTML body, but still nothing seems to be disturbing it, I have been working on this for over a week and would rather be moving forward, please HELP, at this point, I am willing to add any drop down menu as long as it works & here is the HTML:



It would be better to add you URL so that the forum user can see what was going in your blog

#3 I tried to add the link and the HTML but is said since I was a new user, links were not allowed :frowning:


I have also set my overflow to visible, I feel like I have tried everything, but it is not working, can someone help me change it from a widget to inside the HTML or should I simply trash this widget code and start over with another drop down menu??


Add this to after you css code of your menu

.tabs .widget ul, .tabs .widget ul {
    overflow: visible !important;


should I place this code in the gadget or in the main HTML between skin?


I can see that there IS a drop down menu behind the page, it just will not come forward, only stays behind, now none of my pages are working because I already removed my simple pages gadget, please help me figure this out, I tried adding your code in 3 different places, please be more specific, maybe I did not place it in the correct place


THANK YOU!!! it worked, when I figured out where to put it, THANK YOU SO MUCH :slight_smile: happy girl


Nice to know about you found solution by your own effort :mask: