Help me, please, how to add non-removable credits?


Help me, please, how to add non-removable credits?

Two days ago I’m trying to add non removable credit on my template and I’m not getting. I’ve tried the two tutorials in this community! :frowning:

Ps - I’m from Brazil and I am learning to create template for the blogger.


What problem do you have? Any error…or tell what you have done and, please provide your blog’s or demo blog’s url.


It is thus directing that saved.



What? I can’t get you. What is your means by ‘It is thus directing that saved.’? And, you have removed the script and HTML from your blog.


I removed because I am finishing the template and it was redirecting. ; (
I will add again!


Is it really possible to add non-removable credit link? Anyone can unpack and beautify your JavaScript and then remove it. Search on Google with double inverted commas “” – “Remove credit link from any custom template”

So it is better don’t publish your template for free download. Only sale it.


Hi @Prabir_Ghosh I want to give it away for free and charge for the next.

I believe that this restriction is going to generate traffic to my main blog where I sell the services.

Ps - This script would be very important to me!