Help me out! on Adsense Approval


Send me this message below:

My site does not comply with adsense.

My blog content is 100 unique, i did not know what else i did again.

for disapproval.

Kindly, help me out.


My advise is just keep posting unique entries. When I applied Adsense way back before, I was rejected 1-2 times maybe, but then I keep on posting entries. I was then approved. Improve your web design, maybe.

And BTW, do the Adsense recommendations.


I agree with mattmorz. But Few changes needed for your blog. Your blog i not not mobile friendly. Moreover There is no title on your post. Must remember every post have an unique title. Without “title” your SEO result is “ZERO” I suggest do the needful.



But my blog is mobile friendly and can u give me an example of unique title



Do you have PRIVACY POLICY? Just say YES or NO pls. If it’s the later, you already knew the reason.